Women of the World Dinner Series

Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 5:00 PM

The Women of the World Dinner Series at Black Trumpet was created to raise awareness of the importance women and immigrants play in our community as well as in the greater American culinary landscape.  Our first year has taken us on a delicious gastronomic tour that began in Uruguay and traveled all the way to mainland China via Peru, Iran, Lebanon, and Turkey.  Each flavor, ingredient and recipe these amazing women have brought to our kitchen has taught us about less familiar cuisines of the world, but we have also learned that there is a seemingly boundless array of foods and preparations out there.


We are excited to conclude the world tour on May 1 back in South America with a great Venezuelan menu from Martha Franceschi.  After many years living in the States after immigrating from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Martha became a US citizen last year.  She has a tremendous appreciation for the life she has built here in coastal New Hampshire, yet her love of Venezuelan culture and cuisine has never waned.  She and her family now live in Exeter, NH.


Anyone in touch with current events knows that Venezuela—a historically oil-rich nation with a relatively stable economy--is currently suffering from extreme social and political turmoil.  Martha puts the current state of her homeland in perspective: “With all the problems we have [in the US], we are in Heaven here.”


We at Black Trumpet are so grateful to all the women whose spirit, energy and cultural pride have informed these events:


Sylvia Yardino, Uruguay

Sandra Araoz Richardson, Peru

Karimah Nabulsi, Lebanon

Cara Stadler, China

Niaz Dorry, Iran

Tugba Kaplan, Turkey

Martha Franceschi, Venezuela